Welcome to the Burford Township Historical Society.  We have produced a cookbook for sale  — read the great memories,  and in case you were wondering — all  of the pictures in the cookbook are from Burford Township.


BTHS is now on Twitter! Follow us:   HistoricalSociety@BTHS


  2018: The museum will be open two days a week during the summer.  Our new president, Judy Bonney, will be there every Wednesday from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. 

Other members will be taking turns on Sundays, and again from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. 

Please feel free to drop in and see us anytime.  The quilts will be on display for a couple more weeks  (These quilts were “name quilts” – done as a money raiser, — paid a nickel, get your name embroidered.  And then they were raffled. It’s really a delight to find your grandparents’ names on there.  Plus we have the Harley-Northfield school quilt out.)

Starting date is July 1st, and going through the summer until August 29th. 

There will also be some “family days” where there will be an emphasis on local long-time families.               Check this site for more info.      


Gary Jermy, who was with us as an archivist, is now working at the Brant County library.    Check out Brant.ca site for the archives and photos that he loaded.


Thank you for visiting the official website. The historical society was formed in 1986, and is an affiliate member of the Ontario Historical Society and the Ontario Museums Association

BTHS is an agricultural museum.  Over the years the residents of Burford Township have gathered up and donated artefacts to the museum.    Slowly we are bringing artefacts back onto public view.  We have the data base programme from the Ontario Museums Association, and will be creating a searchable database for visitors.  However, this may take a while to complete —  a long while…..

The museum has only volunteers – we have no paid staff.  Currently we are open by chance, or by contacting a member.  

We are now listed on the Ontario Museums Association site: museumsontario.ca