Welcome to the Burford Township Historical Society.  We have produced a cookbook for sale  — read the great memories,  and in case you were wondering — all  of the pictures in the cookbook are from Burford Township.

We are open Sundays and Wednesdays in the summer.  Drop in to see us – 1:00pm to 4:00pm.   No admission fee.

The museum has a lot of history as it relates to Burford Township.  Peruse our scrapbooks and Tweedsmuir binders.  Read Mel Robertson’s histories.  Tell us your memories of living here.  

On Wednesdays you can drop in to Kristi’s Market Kitchen next door and grab a bite to eat, pick up some cheese, get some of her delicious muffins. 

Parking available around the museum.  

 – While you’re here, pick up a brochure for the museums of Oxford, Elgin, Middlesex, Norfolk counties, and Burford Township.  The brochure gives locations, a brief description, and contact information for 42 museums in the area — all within an easy day’s drive. 

Check out the submarine at Port Burwell, or the Baseball Hall of Fame in St. Mary’s, or the Dairy museum south of Aylmer, or the Railway museums in St. Thomas (triva, did you know that railways are Canadian, and railroads are American?

Visit the blacksmith shop in Sparta, look at the beams in the centre of the museum.  The rope marks are from the ropes that they used to support the oxen while they were getting their feet trimmed.    Horses can stand on 3 feet —  oxen can’t. So they used ropes to keep them standing. 

South Brant Legion is holding a steak BBQ and music night under the stars, and it will be a fundraiser for the museum.  It’s Saturday, Aug 10, starting at 5:pm You come and pick out a steak, and cook it yourself, to your satisfaction.       

Then at 7:00pm the music starts. From 7 to 8 is Sugar and Old Spice, followed by See you Next Thursday.       Bring a lawn chair. 

Tickets available from members of South Brant Legion, or members of the Historical Society.  Call Judy Bonney – 519-449-2831. 

Music & steak:  $25.   Steak only:  $20.    Music only:  $5

Decoration Day for Harley Cemetery is the 2nd Sunday in August. 

 BTHS is now on Twitter! Follow us:   HistoricalSociety@BTHS


  Check tabs above for upcoming events!   Meetings are the 4th Tuesday of the month, from March through November.  NEW!!!  Meetings are now (from April 2019 forward…) starting at 7:00 pm.  Little bit earlier.We do meet during the summer months.  In the meantime, you may still email us (see contact info tab).  Visits to the museum may be arranged if you’d like to come out to see us.  


Check out the Digital Historical Collection site for the archives and photos from the Museum that are online.


Thank you for visiting the official website. The historical society was formed in 1986, and is an affiliate member of the Ontario Historical Society and the Ontario Museums Association

BTHS is an agricultural museum.  Over the years the residents of Burford Township have gathered up and donated artefacts to the museum.    Slowly we are bringing artefacts back onto public view.  We have the data base programme from the Ontario Museums Association, and will be creating a searchable database for visitors.  However, this may take a while to complete —  a long while…..

The museum has only volunteers – we have no paid staff.  Currently we are open by chance, or by contacting a member.  See above — open Wednesdays and Sundays in the summer.

We are now listed on the Ontario Museums Association site: museumsontario.ca