Family Inquiry

We get many requests looking for family history or history on houses in the township.

While we have an incredible amount of history in the hall, the only genealogy information we have is that which has been donated by families who have done their own research.  If you have someone in the family who has done research, they are likely to have more information than we do.

We do have scrapbooks with clippings from local papers, but that goes back only to the 1960’s.   Searching through the books is not an easy task, but you are welcome to make arrangements to come see us and we can make the books available for you to peruse.

Most of us were born and raised in the township, so we may be able to draw on personal knowledge to help you – but that’s purely by chance if we know the family.

Not a lot of history was recorded.  Houses were built without any records being kept.  People did not take pictures of the house – you may get a picture if there was a significant family event and the house was used as a backdrop.  But those pictures were likely kept in the family, and may be forever lost now.   For the pictures that we do have, go to:


We are all volunteers at the museum.  We have no paid staff.  Any research done is done when we can, and as we are able.  Please understand that we will try to help you, but it isn’t always possible to add anything to that which you already know.