Museum tour

On November 10, 2023  the Burford Township Historical Society welcomed a tour hosted by the County of Brant.   We welcomed 42 visitors, along with the tour guide and the bus driver, to our museum.  Visitors  chatted with society members,  marvelled over the artefacts (the suppository maker engendered some exclamations), and enjoyed a coffee or cider with muffins and cookies.

We quite enjoyed having the visitors,  they were full of questions,  and wondered about our connection to Harley / Burford Township.   Rural roots run deep —  for instance Judy Malcolm Bonney’s family goes back over 200 years in the county.  The artefacts in the museum for the most part come from local farm families.

Thank you to the County of Brant for giving us this opportunity to share our love of history with others.

If you would like to come visit the museum, call 519 area code,  449, 2831 (ask for Judy).

The pictures below are not from the tour,  rather, they are pictures from open houses past.