On Tuesday, January 8, 2013, the Council of Brant County voted to return the flag from the former Township of Burford to the Burford Township Historical Society.  Town Crier Larry Davis was in attendance to present the motion to council.  Mayor Ron Eddy motioned, Councillor Robert Chambers seconded, that the logo be made available for the Society to use as they wish.  President Dan Clement and several members from the society were present to watch the hand-over.

Below, Robert Chambers  points out the various symbols on the flag.  He mentioned that it was designed by Michelle Farrell when she was a student in Grade 6 at Harley-Northfield Central School, and that a contest to design a Township flag was done in conjunction with the Plowing Match being hosted by Brant County in 1990.

The flag has a green background for the fields that dominate Burford Township.  The sun peeking out from behind the crest shines on our fields.  The crest has a cross for faith and churches, an open book for education, the plough for farming, and a gear for industry and labour.  Atop the crest are three tobacco leaves,  a very important crop in Burford Township not so many years ago.

The Museum thanks the County Council for the return of the use of the flag to the residents of Burford Township.